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With us you can find some unique and innovative ideas for the look of your home.

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Free Style Building Ltd is a family business based in Manchester. We have more than 20 years of experience in External Rendering and Painting. There is no job too small or too big for us and so in 2014 we moved our business to the UK. 
We pride ourselves on our reliability, quality of work and professionalism to ensure we finish every job to the highest standard.

With us you can find some unique and innovative ideas for the look of your home.

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Why Choose Us

Free Style Building Ltd works with high quality materials,which in combination with our skilled specialists puts the facade of your home on another level.

We work with the leaders of the market,so you have a wide range of choices.

With us your home will stand out.

Our Mission

Our aim is to create a happy customer base by providing a service that is second to none.

Our team always gives 100% of itself to fulfill the wishes and needs of its customers. This is how we achieve our mission of satisfied and happy customers with a unique dream home. 

What We Do

We specialize in External Rendering and External Wall Insulation. Through our Rendering services you can renovate the appearance of your home and make it cosier.

With External Wall Insulation services,not only you can solve any dampness problems and reduce your heating bills but also you will make your home stand out.


Rendering Services

Our Rendering services include a diagnostic of the old render or brick. If it's necessary we will remove it and dispose of it. Only if the render/brick is strong enough and there are no structural problems we will proceed by applying the new render.

We can cooperate by choosing a structure and color of the new render.We will provide the high quality materials to work with. We will protect the other properties of the house and dispose of all the leftover materials and rubbish.After we are finished your home will have an amazing appearance.

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External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation is a great alternative when you are looking not only to improve the look of your house but also when you look to reduce the heat loss during cold months,reduce the maintenance costs of homes and the elimination of condensation.

EWI requires fewer repairs during the years.

At the beginning we will run a pull test of your old render or brick.This will identify whether the existing render or brick is strong enough and there are no structural problems to support the insulation.If the render is strong enough we can proceed by applying the insulation directly on it.If not, all existing render will need to be removed prior to the insulation.

We will help you to make your choice of a different EWI system .

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